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FW44 Stieglitz M. 1:3,2

Scale Modelle in CNC Serienfertigung

order no 01-1200

 EURO 540,00

tech data



2800 mm


Clark Y


1780 mm


from 7500 g


20 - 62 ccm

Flying characteristics of the model plane Piper are magnificent. Handling qualities are superb and slow flying capabilities are at its best. The model ist perfect for glider towing duties.

Due to low wingload the model doesn’t need much power or big engines for towing duties. Engines starting from 38ccm are perfect. Powered with 62ccm of the Zenoah 62 the Piper is able to handle gliders well up to 5m in span.

Due to the CAD/CNC design, the model is been built very easily and quickly. It needs aproximately 55 hours for a whole kit ready to be covered with monocote.

The complete kit holds everything to build up the model except fuel tank, tires, glue and covering materials. All parts are cut with CAD/CNC technique. They all fit perfectly even all holes have been predrilled. Included is a high quality epoxy engine cowling, a prebended main gear with struts, stearable tailwheel, and three large 1:1 plans with part list and assembly description.


Part list for seperate orders

order no   part                                                                 

01 1202  epoxy engine cowling