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D.H. 82 Tiger Moth scale design 1:2,6 in CAD/CNC Technique

Scale Modelle in CNC Serienfertigung

order number 01 1400

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Clark Y




ab 17,5 kg


57 Tonini 1:3 Getriebe oder ZG 62 mit Getriebe

complete concept kit price EUR 1.180,00

Model plans are based on original plans of the famous Tiger Moth. It is easy to build a precision scale model, however there are some minor modifications to ensure an „easy built up“ and to optimise flying charakteristics. For transport reasons it is possible to separate the tail section of the model from the main fuselage. Assembly of the model is easy on the flying fields. Even non professional pilots are able to handle the Tiger Moth in the air. Flying characteristics are similar to the original. Simple aerobatics can be flown when powered with a 57/62ccm and 1:3 reduction gear. Even the sound of the huge propeller comes close to the original. Flying the model with a Zenoah 38 and 1:2,8 reduction gear is a pleasure, however capability for aerobatics is very limited despite the fact of lesser weight of aproximately 1800gr.

New! All kits have built up wing pylons ready to mount. All the welding is already done for you.


The complete concept kit contains everything to built up the model except of wheels, tank, glue colour and covering material. All wooden parts are precision cut. Modern CAD/CNC technology is used to plan and finally cut even metal parts of the kit. All metal parts are predrilled. Oiltank, windshield frames, wing strut covering are fine epoxy/glass parts. All assembly parts of the main gear are predrilled and bent, ready for easy welding. The wing pylon needs only four bolts to be mounted on the fuselage. Wing struts are from handpicked wood and already preshaped.


order number






01 1401

epoxy engine cowling

EUR  98,00




























See our super model Tiger Moth in product review of model magazine MFI / Model Flight International Jul. 2000