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FW44 Stieglitz M. 1:3,2

Scale Modelle in CNC Serienfertigung

Bücker biplanes, i.e. the famous Jungmeister Bü 133 are of most interest of airplane model builders.

The original had ist maiden flight in summer 1935 in Johannisthal, Berlin. Several types with minor modifications had been built as A,B and C versions. All of the series had radial engines. This offeres a wast variety of suitable engines for the scale 1:2,8 model. Original and modell plane were built for aerobatics easy to fly. More than 40% of parts of the Bücker model are similar to the other Bücker Jungmann in our scale series, however the Jungmeister ist a totaly different plane.



"Bücker Bü 133 Jungmeister as Model"

Order no 01 1600


Complete kit 1.190,00 Euro






2.355 mm


Naca 2412 modifiziert


2.140 mm


je nach Motor ab. 15.000 Gr.


ab 80 ccm bis 120 ccm Einzyl. oder Boxer oder Sternmotor

Scale model Bücker B 131 Jungmann is the latest entry in the line of state of the art model products from Benja. The outer wings can easily be mounted by a plug in/tubing system. All the wiring is mounted to the wing struts for easy assembly on the flying fields. For service reasons the lower middle section of the wings can be separated form the fuselage. Servos and needed electronics can be mounted directly into the tail section. The landing gear has fully functional struts which absorb most of the „landing-g’s“.

Powerd by 80ccm the model takes off after just a few yards. The modified NACA 2411 airfoil creates enough lift for slow and safe take offs. Sufficiant power is available for aerobatics with the Jungmann, i.e. loopings can be flown out of slow flights. Landing characteristics are a pleasure. It‘s as easy as with a trainer to land the giant model.

As well as all other kits, the Bücker kit is a complete concept kit. All parts are precision cut and easy to assemble.

The complete concept kit covers all needed materials to build thie giant scale model even metal parts are precision cut and lots of epoxy/glass parts are added.

Seven yards of precision drawn CAD plans and a good description cover all information needed and more.

 Cut out of air intakes is optional and depends on the the original version. Several options are proposed, however the most favoured one is having the intake on the right side of the cowling. This is for the original

Hirth HM 60R engine. In case of building the Spanish license built CASA 1.131 the air intake is on the left side.

The big cowling offeres the opportunuty to install a wast variaty of model engines. From famous Seidel radials to big singel pisten powerhouses. The prototype war powered by a ZDZ 120 Boxer. With this engine, the modell can go straigt up into the sky. It needs no further weight to find the CG.


Additional scale parts are available soon:

Fenders/mud guards, 7 cylinder dummy, radius 310mm

all listed material are part of the complete concept kit, exept steerable tail gear.

Part list for seperate orders



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